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Monkami – Titanic the Untold Story: Resunk

By July 23, 20083 Comments

Monkami is based in Croydon and aims to provide skills for people with intellectual disabilities to empower their participants to live with the greatest degree of independence within their own community.

This evening I attended Monkami’s performance of Titanic the Untold Story: Resunk at the Karralyka Centre. The performance is the sequel to their debut stage production, Titanic the Untold Stories and featured more characters, video effects and audience props like paper Titanic hats.

Where else can such a diverse range of characters, like James Bond, Judge Judy, Ridge Forrester, Clint Eastwood, Wolverine and Caption Jack Sparrow, meet but in Titanic the Untold Story: Resunk? The performance was followed by a question and answer session, where it was explained that the actors themselves chose and developed their characters.

The plot followed the attempted capturing of the Titanic by Napoleon, only to be foiled by James Bond and sentenced in Judge Judy’s courtroom. While the drama unfolds, the Titanic crashes into the iceberg and the audience and castl sing the hokey pokey to make sure that everyone escapes!

The enthusiasm and participation from the audience was fantastic and reinforced the creativity of the performance. With such a positive reception, there is only going to be bigger things around the corner for the Monkami Drama Group!

The performance also displayed the remarkable video talents of the Ringwood Movie Makers and was also supported by the Ringwood Ballet Group and it was great to once again see other community groups supporting the performance.

For details on Monkami please visit Information on Ringwood Movie Makers is available from and details for Ringwood Ballet can be found at

Alex Makin

Alex Makin

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