Ringwood Historical Society – A Photographic Journey Through Time

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Tonight I attended the July meeting of the Ringwood Historical Society which featured a pictorial overview of the development that has occurred along Main Street Ringwood with a specific emphasis on the area between Ringwood Street and Warrandyte Road.

Extensive work was undertaken by the Ringwood Historical Society in collating and researching the photographs and images to present a pictorial history that covered the years between 1890 to 1970.

In 1882 the steam railway was extended from Camberwell to Lilydale and a station with a station being constructed at Ringwood. With the construction of the railway a township began to form opposite the station with a particular focus on the lots that would later be bound by Warrandyte Road and Ringwood Street.

Among the most impressive buildings was the former Ringwood Town Hall which featured as a major community and civic venue. This grand and historic building was tragically demolished in 1970 at a time when such heritage was undervalued by society. One cannot help but question the wisdom in demolishing a building that conveyed such a sense of history and pride.

In realising Ringwood’s future it is crucial to appreciate its history and to learn from past experiences.

This area of Ringwood is receiving a renewed focus with the continued advocacy for the much needed redevelopment of Ringwood Station and the desire to improve and encourage walking and other forms of sustainable transport. Previously many years ago the town centre of Ringwood provided the very objectives that we are now aspiring to achieve.

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Alex Makin

Alex Makin

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