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Maroondah Journal: More councillors, less wards under electoral boundary changes

By May 27, 2008No Comments

The Maroondah Journal has reported on the new ward structure that will apply to Maroondah City Council from the November elections. The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has found that three wards, electing three councillors each would provide a greater level of representation for the City of Maroondah.

The official council submission made a futile attempt to try and retain the status quo.

“Cr Alex Makin disagreed [with the council stance], saying the new structure would provide greater diversity of people standing for election.”

Myself and Councillors Jo-anne Taylor and Maureen Naylor suggested that a new ward structure was required to provide a higher standard of local democracy. In my submission to the VEC I stated that multi-member wards would ensure a more holistic approach to council and encourage cooperation.

“Residents are confused about who represents them because of the way Maroondah is divided. This simple structure should change that.”

Maroondah’s existing ward structure wards arbitrary boundaries that make it confusing for people to identify their ward councillor. The new structure with larger wards means that residents will be able to clearly identify the ward they are within, thus making it easier to raise concerns with council.

The VEC should be congratulated for maintaining its independence and for not being swayed by council’s attempt to maintain the current inequitable and confusing ward structure.

Alex Makin

Alex Makin

Alex Makin is a councillor for the Mullum Ward in the City of Maroondah. Alex has been a councillor since 2005, representing ratepayers, businesses, community groups and residents. I aim to continue making a difference and welcome any thoughts you may have in regard to life, community and business in Maroondah. Phone: (03) 9870 8202 or 0408 311 645 Email:

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