Ringwood Historical Society celebrates its 50th Birthday

This evening I attended the 50th birthday celebrations of the Ringwood Historical Society. The organisation, which was founded on the 9th of September 1958 was just one of six suburban based historical societies at the time.

In its early existence, the Ringwood Historical Society had a particular emphasis on the history around the the proclamation of the Borough of Ringwood which occurred in 1924. As the society grew, it also developed an interest in the pioneering settlements and Ringwood’s early history, stemming from the late 1880s.

It is great to see an increasing interest in local history, with the number of historical societies increasingly significantly over the past fifty years. In the 1950s there were just 30 historical societies, compared to over 300 today.

The Ringwood Historical Society has accomplished a number of achievements over the past fifty years, including the preservation of Ringwood’s history and the relocation of the miners cottage to Ringwood Lake. Unfortunately the organisation’s major objective of cultural heritage within Ringwood, currently remains unfulfilled.

I have stated my support for a Ringwood culture heritage centre in Ringwood, as I believe it is crucial to preserve our history for the future. This is only going to become increasingly important as the urban form in Ringwood changes over coming years. While Ringwood needs to become a vibrant urban centre, a preservation of history will enhance the depth of our community and hence the sense of inclusion within Ringwood.

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  1. What ever happend to the Steam Locomotive which was on display at the Ringwood Lake, neer the timber bridge & what was the story behind it.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Thank you for visiting my website and for your comments. From what I understand the steam locomotive was removed quite a few years ago around the time of amalgamation.

    I have heard that the locomotive was sold to Queenscliffe but I have not been able to verify this story. I certainly believe that Ringwood Lake should reflect the heritage of Ringwood and I am working the Ringwood Historical Society to create a heritage park along the trail to highlight the pioneers of Ringwood.



    1. Hi Alex, Jim. The old Ringwood Lake steam loco is the D3 677, currently owned by Steamrail and stored at Newport as a spare part supply for another working loco D3 639. It seems that it was at Ringwood Lake from 1965 until it was bought by Steamrail (not sure when). It was right opposite the Ringwood end of the footbridge.
      Info here:
      http://www.australiansteam.com/D3 677.htm


  3. Hi Neal, thanks for the update. I left Council at the end of my term in 2012, but will pass the details onto the Ringwood Historical Society, as I’m sure it would be of interest. Thanks for tracking doen the steam locomotive!

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